Thursday, 21 February 2013

This Year's Spring/Summer Collection: What To Expect?

Spring and summer is traditionally a time of renewal with lengthening days and the welcome burgeoning warmth as the sun returns, a chance for people to remake themselves into the person they want to be, and this year is no different. The fabulous thing about this Spring/ Summer season is that there is a marvellous abundance of choice, ensuring that even the most uniquely styled individual can fully express themselves while staying bang on trend.

The Spring/ Summer fashion shows are long finished and buyers now know what we will all be wearing in a couple of months, as they eagerly await the arrival of the new stock that is intended to set the bar for fashion this spring. Some of the buyers for stores and magazines have begun to drop hints as to what we can expect to see hitting the shelves at any time from now.
Almost anything goes this season, with a heavy emphasis on textures: textured brocade or crinkle fabrics, intricate embroidery-work, beads, tassels and bows are all featured heavily. Even swimwear displays adornment, with cunning twists, pleats, bows and ribbons adding extra dimension to bikinis and maillots alike.

Metallics feature too, adding a sexy edge to well-fitted garments, while animal prints flaunt a hint of inner animal passions. Metallics can be glittery and ostentatious or they can shine with a subtle rich gleam, depending on tastes and preferences. The animal prints are available in authentic shades, or funky fun unrealistic colours; bright purple leopard print is sure to be a big hit with animal lovers who love the intricately detailed patterns, but eschew the real thing, preferring it to be seen only on the animal.

Bright geometric patterns are loud and proud this season, oversize hounds-tooth and check patterns in vivid clashing colours, to make a statement and draw the eye to the wearer. For those without quite enough confidence to carry off the very bright colours, pastel alternatives are also available, sweetly pretty colours and shades certain to delight everyone.

Whatever your personal style preferences, you are sure to be able to find the perfect wardrobes with Tesco, outfits for every occasion and event, all up to date and fashionable, yet styled to your own unique tastes.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

KENZO & Urban Outfitters Released Trippy Fashion Films This Week

Japonais Francais fashion label KENZO and Philly-based retailer Urban Outfitters both dropped  psychedelic-inducing fashion films this week that'll make you wish it were spring already.

Both films make heavy use of trippy video-effects you could get if you made your own music video from one of those "Make Your Own Music Videos" booths a la Disney World/Six Flags/whatever.  

KENZO teamed up with Mat Maitland, Smith & Read and Natalia Stuyk to give us a walk on the wild side with heavy layers of animal images and animal prints covering everything. Love that fierce Asian B in the video give me a little bit of that starving militia youth vibe going on.
It's official - rebellion is the new anorexia.

This other video from Urban Outfitters reminds me of a modern, slutty, sexy lovechild between the opening credits of Square Pegs and Clarissa Explains It All with a commercial retail twist.
Kudos go for the vid's jam courtesy of LA-based Euroclash tunemakers Classixx.


First Look: House of Fraser Men's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

House of Fraser is rolling out their Spring/Summer 2013 duds soon at a shop near you, if you happen to live in the UK of course. To give you dudes a teaser of what you can expect to scope out in the men's section, House of Fraser has released two exclusive images featuring some looks that are light on the casual, and heavy on the smart.

Look #1
Sweatshirt, Fred Perry, £95
Polo Shirt, Lacoste Live, £75 
Shorts, Boss Green, £110

Look #2
Cardigan, Linea, £85
Shirt, Linea, £65 
Jeans, PRPS, £225
Belt, Howick, £30

Since it's still a bit nippy outside these days, you can head over to HoF (or alternatively check out their excellent online store) to stock on some light jumpers and cardigans that will make great transition pieces into the milder months ahead.

Oh, and ladies - don't forget that rocking an oversized, Grandpa-esque sweater is still pretty hot (and pretty flippin' comfortable) these days as well. Pair it up with a pair of leggings and ankle boots that have a bit of a heel going on, and you got yourself a cozy chic look right there! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

CHECK IT: Various Love Affairs Lilu Velvet-Mesh Leggings

VARIOUS LOVE AFFAIRS is a keyhole into a world devoted to both fleeting and eternal obsessions. Each VLA garment is designed with the lifestyle of the everyday ingenue in mind, committed to a uniquely captivating yet totally low maintenance sense of style. Everyone one of their items are heartmade in NYC, like their brand new Lilu Legging that's a hybrid of buttery velvet and mesh. 

While the days of winter are winding down, you can still ride out the chilly/mild temps for the next few weeks in these legsters that come both in black or highlighter. 

Enter discount code LUVLILU (or LUVLILUNEON) at VLA's website to receive an exclusive 50% OFF - 'cause we could all save a few dollars these days.