Sunday, 29 January 2012


L to R: Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Missoni & Moschino Spring 2012 RTW Collections

Taking a cue from the shows at Milan Fashion Week back in September, one trend that sprouted up on a few catwalks in the Italian fashion capital was the black and gold color combo.

While black and gold might be more typically thought as a winter/holiday color-duo option, I'm glad to see that the Italian fashion houses recognized that the two shades are also great for amazing evening wear (with emphasis more on metallic gold as opposed to a yellowish hue with bold undertones) for the spring season.

With new trends such as the black and gold combo that are about to hit the shops and eventually fill the streets of metropolises all over the globe, I'm also hoping to see another quirky trend get picked up en masse–this time taking note from an observation of NYC's local fashionistas.

I'm slowly starting to spot more and more men's watches being sported on some eclectically dressed gals–mainly the ladies who spend most of their time below 34th street. 

Adding to the current popular trend of wrist flair, with lower arms covered in chains, blinged-out friendship bracelets, bangles, slap-ons and other shin digs that you can wrap around your wrists, men's watches can really take your arm candy to another level.

Men's watches usually feature a bigger dial, creating a cool juxtaposition amongst the rest of you accessories. And if you're worried about them being heavier than a ladies watch, then just be sure to go for a lightweight option (trust me, they exist).

For the upcoming spring season, you can be sure that I'll be combining two of my favorite spring trends with this bad boy:
It's a unisex style watch that features a large (but not too large) dial and a cool, subtle, textured wristband. Wearing it might make you feel like some James Bond-esque villain, which I think is pretty dope and swank, as speaking from someone who grew up watching the films (side-note: A View To A Kill  is my favorite. I mean, the opening sequence by Duran epic!)

It's a simple design but still has an eye-catching "Je ne sais quoi" quality about it. The dial really does also look amazing, and it doesn't weigh that much either!

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Black & Gold, Black & Gold, Black & Gold,
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Saturday, 28 January 2012


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
March 31 through July 29, 2012

1. Parra, Untitled (SFMOMA installation preview), 2011; acrylic on white wall; © Parra

2. Parra, Not Very Handy, 2009; silkscreen print; 50 x 70 cm; © Parra

3. Parra, There Will Be Drama, 2009; full color stencil print; 42 x 29.7 cm; © Parra

4. Parra, Yes, 2009; silkscreen print; 50 x70 cm; © Parra

5. Parra, Rendezvous, 2010; silkscreen print; 24 x 36 in.; © Parra

6. Parra, Very Nice How Much, 2010; silkscreen poster insert for It’s Nice That magazine;
52 x 97.5 cm; © Parra

7. Parra, Money, 2010; silkscreen print; 70 x 100 cm; © Parra

8. Parra, Stay, 2011; acrylic on canvas; 100 x 140 cm; © Parra

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

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