Saturday, 30 June 2012


Top Denim Looks for Summer

At last, summer is finally upon us. But, before you ditch the denim in favour of
your favourite board shorts and flip flops, here are some great ideas for looking
stylish in jeans during the summer months.

The Festival Look

There are more music festivals this year than you can shake a glow stick at
and for this particular style the key words to remember are chic, comfortable
and practical. Start off with some dark coloured straight-leg jeans and team
them with a khaki lightweight short-sleeved shirt. Boat shoes are a perfect way
to complete this look, as are lightweight canvas trainers. Both are comfy and
adaptable to any situation, whether you're relaxing in a pub garden or jumping
up and down to your favourite band in a field somewhere. Just don’t forget your
straw trilby!

Rap Meets Rock
This is a look that will turn heads this summer and is already proving popular
with the trendy East-End types who frequent Brick Lane. By mixing rap and
alternative rock styles, you can create something unique and on-trend. A loose
fitting pair of jeans is the basis for this ‘hip hop nerd’ style. Try a pair of G-Star
Raw jeans and wear with a scoop neck t-shirt and unbuttoned short-sleeved
shirt. Make sure you wear your jeans with a pair of smart shoes rather than high-
top trainers to give the look a more formal edge. A pair of thick-rimmed glasses
will add that little bit of ‘geek chic’ too.

The Boy Band Rebel

Think ‘The Wanted’ rather than ‘One Direction’. Embrace your bad boy attitude
this summer with dark tapered jeans and chunky black boots. An embellished
or vintage t-shirt is essential too, as is an unbuttoned waistcoat or short-sleeved
shirt. To finish the look, make sure your hair is styled to within an inch of its life!

 The Continental Look

Picture yourself sipping an espresso at a café overlooking the marina before you
jump back on your yacht and sail to the next Mediterranean port! White, pastel,
or very light denim jeans are vital. Team with leather sandals for that nod to
European chic. Throw a neutral coloured cardigan or lightweight sports jacket
over a checked short-sleeved shirt for this elegant summer look. Wrap-around
sunglasses are a must-have accessory too. ‘Ciao Bella!’

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

// OUMLIL F/W 12 / NYFW / Milk Studios //

Congrats to Izzy (dude in the left in the photo above) to coordinating one of the best Men's presentations at FW12 NYFW.

Photos by Ashley Dupree

// YMH T's FRM LDN //

YMH Tees are now available in:
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Wear it so you can feel like you're at one of the best Thursday night dance parties in London.


// CONGR@TS! //

Congrats to Abram G winning the HP Spectre contest! 


Susie xoxo