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 From the Runway to the Workday

Women in the workplace have come a long way – not only are we fighting for (and winning!) equal pay and positions, we’ve also managed to shed the dowdy business duds of yesteryear. Gone are the notions that if a woman wants to advance in her career she has to do so in a uniform of pantyhose, sensible shoes and power suits. Women are now expressing fierce personal style from the boardroom to the VIP.

Just flick on the telly and see how ladies like Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo have taken women’s professional attire to a whole new level of chic. These working women have used their reality TV platforms to transform notions of what’s acceptable in the workplace today.

Fashionable AND Professional

One super chic style that’s now become perfectly appropriate for the office is leggings, and their slightly more daring cousin, wet-look leggings. Of course it’s all about the styling with these statement skinnies. When donning a pair of during the day, steer clear of anything else tight or cropped. The name of the game is coverage. We’d opt for a long tunic top, paired with a smart blazer à la Fearne (but you might lose the bow tie). Or, if you’re in need of more inspiration, look no further than the gal who kicked off the trend in the first place - Lauren Conrad. Whether you loved The Hills or not (guilty pleasure anyone?) she’s certainly got a skilled eye for balanced style.

Another fashion rule that’s been rewritten in the professional handbook is the one about bright colours and patterns – previously considered loud, they’re now completely acceptable and make a powerful, confident statement. Check out these looks on Olivia. They’re fresh and eye-catching without being in-your-face. So amp up your office presence by trying out a great coloured blazer or printed top.

If you want to add edge to your workwear, pick up one of spring’s new trend leather jackets. They’re light enough to be worn inside and add just a touch of tough to an otherwise traditional daytime look. Take inspiration from Kim and go for subtle nude colours (not in that way!) for a less bold approach or Lauren, pairing your jacket with a smart button-down blouse and high-wasted trousers for a modern twist on a classic combination.

The Rule of ONE

The key to pulling off a more daring daytime look is remembering the Rule of One: have one statement piece - leggings, jacket, shoes or top - and keep the rest simple. And, of course, the most important element you need to carry of your new style is confidence - but in one of these ensembles who wouldn’t be brimming with boldness?

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