Friday, 9 May 2008

BOSTON // 5.7 -5.8.08 // Mass Ave. / Paradise Rock Club / Mambo Beat Club


**Moving out of Boston, Thursday, May 15.

**Moving back home to the surburbs of Philadlephia til the end of June.

**Moving to LONDON to live there from July to December 2008.

**Taking a HOLIDAY from May 19-June 6 in London and Israel.

**Moving back to Boston January 2009.

*In addition, I got interviewed by a reporter and followed around by one of their photographers one night on the town (See LAB/Enormous room post a few posts ago) for the BOSTON GLOBE.

*I am hosting a night at the Enormous Room(aka MY LAST NIGHT IN BOSTON PARTY) in Cambridge with my good friend JustinCredible DJing:

BIG QUESTION: Will I continue to run this blog while living in LONDON?

..........TO BE CONTINUED.........


Susie G