Tuesday, 19 February 2013

CHECK IT: Various Love Affairs Lilu Velvet-Mesh Leggings

VARIOUS LOVE AFFAIRS is a keyhole into a world devoted to both fleeting and eternal obsessions. Each VLA garment is designed with the lifestyle of the everyday ingenue in mind, committed to a uniquely captivating yet totally low maintenance sense of style. Everyone one of their items are heartmade in NYC, like their brand new Lilu Legging that's a hybrid of buttery velvet and mesh. 

While the days of winter are winding down, you can still ride out the chilly/mild temps for the next few weeks in these legsters that come both in black or highlighter. 

Enter discount code LUVLILU (or LUVLILUNEON) at VLA's website to receive an exclusive 50% OFF - 'cause we could all save a few dollars these days.

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