Wednesday, 20 February 2013

KENZO & Urban Outfitters Released Trippy Fashion Films This Week

Japonais Francais fashion label KENZO and Philly-based retailer Urban Outfitters both dropped  psychedelic-inducing fashion films this week that'll make you wish it were spring already.

Both films make heavy use of trippy video-effects you could get if you made your own music video from one of those "Make Your Own Music Videos" booths a la Disney World/Six Flags/whatever.  

KENZO teamed up with Mat Maitland, Smith & Read and Natalia Stuyk to give us a walk on the wild side with heavy layers of animal images and animal prints covering everything. Love that fierce Asian B in the video give me a little bit of that starving militia youth vibe going on.
It's official - rebellion is the new anorexia.

This other video from Urban Outfitters reminds me of a modern, slutty, sexy lovechild between the opening credits of Square Pegs and Clarissa Explains It All with a commercial retail twist.
Kudos go for the vid's jam courtesy of LA-based Euroclash tunemakers Classixx.


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