Tuesday, 21 August 2012

// Rankin is Going Down The Sky Ferreira Route Again, This Time With Azealia Banks //

Dear Azealia Banks,
Stop working with Rankin. 

You have amazing songs but these videos aren't doing them the full justice that they deserve. Unless you really did want to look like your video came from 2001, with that Janet Jackson (see "I Get So Lonely") and Aaliyah hybrid vibe (See "Try Again").

Rankin - I see you're going down the "Let me make videos around the new female 'it' singer that the fashion industry is cumming all over for" route again à la Sky Ferreira (bless her tweaked, drugged up and cranked-out soul). Sigh.

I will say this - the "Liquorice" video had amazing styling going on thanks to Nicola Formichetti.

I'll let everyone else form their own opinions but here's everything you need to know:

[Note: EMI has blocked the US to the original "One" video. Thanks assholes.]


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