Saturday, 11 August 2012

// Caftan Fashion Show / Marrakech / May 2012 //

So as you might have guessed it, this fashion show had a theme - around the world. I don't know what was more fascinating -  the caftan show that started 2 hours late, the show taking almost 2 hours to run live, the dance numbers in between, the colorful backdrops/production or the haute couture caftans themselves. 

And this guy with the fro, he won Morocco Idol (think American Idol, but not). 

I'm pretty positive there were two dudes as models in the show. Glad to see that the show was progressive like that.

Got to enjoy this all with the best side commentary from a lovely lady from Harper's Bazaar UK.

Best Fashion Show Musical Hybrid I've ever seen.

Susie xx

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