Friday, 29 July 2011


Alexandra and sis Théodora Richards are the stars of a new lookbook from French label ELEVENPARIS. The lookbook also features one Ash Stymest who I ran into at The Den last year in London

The video above is just a teaser for what I assume are going to be a series of short fashion films to go along with this season's collection. It looks like the vibe of this line is rock and roll, grunge and alternavamp-y (yeah, I just totally came up with that–nice right?) 

As far as the clothes go, they seem pretty along the lines of what a French label trying to be rock and roll would do–lots of dark colors, trying to imitate the East London look, tight trousers, large tops, but everything has an overall refinement and tailored look to it that it just feels so French. Plus there aren't any daring cuts or quirky prints or bold colors, just very classically cut clothes. 

But lets get back to their lookbook, cause I'm left starring at it in confusion and kind of liking it, I think. I can't really tell actually. I think I'm attracted to it because it's just so more like a fashion editorial you would see in an independent magazine from Hungary, as opposed to a lookbook from France. Yup, that's totally it.
Good to see the French can have a bit of, um, persuasion?

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