Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Since the House of Christian Dior recently fired designer John Galliano due to his drunken, anti-Semitic remarks he made last week, there's been a lot of attention around the French label and the British designer lately.

I was sent a link today to the video above, featuring Marion Cotillard and Sir Queen Ian McKellen for the French fashion house, and started to do a bit of digging into their films. This led me to watch at least this first clip a few times as I was trying to get the plot of this video. So, Marion is some sort of magical lounge club performer, that can heal the handicapped with her voodoo booze and play muse to artistic carpenters - all in good ol' Londontown.....yup, that's all I took from it. Sue me.

I honestly don't know what to say about this video except some parts I thought were visually cool, like her Katy Perry wig in the dressing room. But the plot of the story - what's it all about? How the Dior woman is confident and sexy? I guess healing elderly, handicapped people via intoxication/seduction is totally cool and practical these days?
The next video I stumbled upon features one of my all time favorite dreamboats - Jude Law.  Guy Ritchie directed this clip and it feels sooo obvious he would.  You can always tell something is the doing of Guy Ritchie when it seems to involve something that has this underground, sneaky crime/mafia-esque dialogue, topped off with a British accent.

The short film is called "Un Rendez-Vous." I guess the point of this film is to say - "My cologne is so strong, you'll know when I'm near. And that's a good thing." But when I come to think about the story line of the film, is it trying to say that even though the woman acts subservient to Jude Law in most of the clip, at the end we find out that she is really his equal, or his other half?  Either way, the woman in this jazz could be a lot fiercer if she didn't have to meet hubby Juddy in a stripper's day uniform, which is a hat, rain coat, underwear, and heels, at least by Parisian standards.

Take a look at the short film below and tell me your thoughts on either of the films - especially if you think I'm full of crap and you just happen to have a degree in film or English or bullshit.

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