Saturday, 19 January 2013

WATCH: New Louis Vuitton Fashion Film Stars Some Bag-y Bloggers

Shi shi Paris-based baggage experts Louis Vuitton just released a cutesy lil' new fashion film, dedicated to all things mini. 

Tired of carrying your life around in that Celine Boston bag or that P.S.1 that's on the verge of falling apart? Well, why not go for a LV mini in a variety of colorful options? 

Since the peeps over at the L to the Vizzle are getting recently fond of creating commercial-type short films, it would be awesome to see them do something for the Super Bowl. But alas, that would be totes off-brand for a luxury retailer in the reality of things. Though, a girl can dream -- can't she?

Check out the clip down below, featuring fashion week regulars Elin Kling, Hanneli Mustaparta and Miroslava Duma:

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