Sunday, 18 November 2012

Meet Etre: iPhone/iPad Friendly Gloves For The Winter

London's Etre creates some seriously quality goods. With a small line of dapper goods (including outerwear, sweaters, gloves, scarves, hats and bags), each item oozes out classic, British heritage style. 

Even though they seem like a brand that's geared more for the lads than the lasses,  girls who aren't afraid to rock some uni-sex appeal and some boyish charm will totally dig their cozy sweaters, as well as their warm and 21st century approved wooly gloves. 

Crafted for the modern gentleman (and lady), Etre's wooly gloves have special tips at the end of the fingers that make it capable for you to check in FourSquare or update your status on Facebook on your iPhone or iPad this winter.

Starting around 40 GBP each (or about $64), these gloves make excellent gifts and/or stocking stuffers for the holiday season ahead. I managed to score a pair myself, and have been already rocking them thanks to the cold front that's already hit the NYC region (I swear it's about to snow any second now...).

A tip for the ladies - if you plan on buying a pair of gloves, I recommend getting a pair in a size small (unless you have crazy huge monster hands).

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