Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lindsay Lohan, James Franco & Terry Richardson Star in R.E.M.'s Latest Music Video

It's only Sunday night, and the award for most random music video of the week already goes to R.E.M.'s latest clip that stars Hollywood hot mess Lindsay Lohan, photog du d├ęcennie Terry Richardson, A-List-now-C-lister Aggy Deyn and art genius freak James Franco.

And guess who directed it? Nope, not Terry, but James Franco of course! By now, you should be aware that James Franco is no stranger to hanging out behind the lens (especially since he dropped that zany Francophrenia at the Tribeca Film Festival this year).

If you have trouble recognizing Mr. Franco in the clip, it might be because he's in tons of drag for most of the time in this video (the footage of him as a her was taken while posing for Terry for Franco's cover shoot for gender-bending magazine Candy last year).

The video itself is ok, though visually blurry and weird for the most part. It's like Franco decided to do a massive footage dump and collage it into something that's supposed be "arty". Whatever.

[via Oyster Mag]

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