Sunday, 11 November 2012

Azealia Banks Goes Sea Punk in New "Atlantis" Video [WATCH]

So, I'm like a big nerd these days for Azealia Banks. She makes sweet music and her style is da bomb diggity bomb bomb -- and that's an astrological fact. She just dropped her latest music video about an hour ago on the World Wide Interwebz, for the track "Atlantis." The song is dope, and the video will have you reminded of your Trapper-Keeper-Lisa-Frank-Pog-Slammer-ABC's-Reboot-cartoon-loving days.

Fashion call outs:
-A T-shirt that looks like it's based off of a screenprint of a 500 Euro bill
-Jeremy Scott Sunglasses
-Capri pants that came straight out of 1999 (at least that's what I'm going to assume)

AB -- you get your mermaid raver on, girl.

Much love,
Sushi Sue xox

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