Monday, 17 January 2011

Jeffery Campbell's Throwdown Shoe @ Karmaloop

One of my favorite shoe labels, Jeffrey Campbell, have just come out with their Throwdown shoe. It's a great hidden-wedged ankle boot that will be perfect to wear for the upcoming Spring season thanks to the fact that the upper part of the shoe is made from breathable canvas material.  The roped hemp lining around the bottom meshes great with the canvas to give the shoe an overall natural, soft look.

The Throwdown is a great shoe option for those who aren't a fan of showing off their toes in sandals or peek-a-boos.  Last Spring and Summer, I always wore my black combat boots. Yes, my feet did get sweaty, but I'd rather have sweaty, stinky feet in my own privacy then expose my toes to the world and the urban elements on those hot New York City streets. 

But now that the Throwdown is available in an olive color, an all-black option (which is my personal fave), or the limited edition Karmaloop exclusive "Chino" color, I may just have to invest in a pair so my feet, socks, and roommates don't have a reason to hate me come Spring time.

Be sure to check out to pick up a pair or two!

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