Thursday, 30 December 2010



A total time killer? Oh heck yes! Does it make you feel like you are an Editor at a fashion magazine? Fer shur!

Welcome to Polyvore - Make collages on your computer of things you want but can't afford! I finally signed up and created an account on this ever so buzzed about website to end up spending almost 2-3 hours on it one lonely Sunday night. I'm still trying to "get" it but it seems you can create these collages and images to be not only shared among the Polyvore community but to be shared on your own blog too. This is probably why I've heard only other fellow bloggers and online fashion contributors mentioning this site before!

I was thrilled to see a wide array of great designer and boutique collections on Polyvore. For example, Henrik Vibskov items were on the site and I was super excited about it. So excited that I took a stab at making my first "set." It took me at least an hour to figure out how to work the website and what kind of edit tricks one can do with the little thumbnails to be placed on the interactive canvas. Overall, I had fun making it and will likely come back to the site to make another one. I actually already have an idea for another "set" or "collection" (still not quite sure what the difference is) - a pictorial wish-list of satchel handbags (my current bag situation is quite awful).

But not only is there just an "arts 'n crafts" side to it - there is a commerce component where you can purchase items used in your "sets" and "collections." Would you be tempted enough to purchase an item after staring at it for over 30 minutes while you tweak and fix an image that will make you feel like the next Andy Warhol for about 5 minutes until reality seeps in that you are flat broke?

No? Yes? Maybe? I'll go with maybe for now...I mean it is the holiday season right now - tons of mass encouragement to spend, spend, spend every dime for the sake of it!

Well, I'm going to keep on visiting Polyvore and exploring the site - but only when my wallet is hidden away somewhere to prevent me from purchasing anything!


Volvox said...

love playing with polyvore! here are my sets:

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So lovely. Happy new years! x hivennn.

Unknown said...

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